Malnutrition is
Africa's greatest challenge today

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JAM feeds 1 million+ beneficiaries a day

JAM has provided
over 2500 wells to date

37% of people in Africa
don't have access to clean water

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Africa's best answer to poverty:


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Feeding a child works miracles

Share the Joy
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Share the Joy

Share the Joy by reducing hunger, one child at a time, as you fill JAM Red Bowls with nutritious porridge for children in need.

With more than 23 million school children going to bed hungry each day in Africa...

Day of the African Child
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Day of the African Child

For close to 12,000 days, JAM has celebrated and nurtured the rights of the African child. On June 16th, together with the people of this great and complex continent, we celebrate the Day of the African Child.

History of JAM

History of JAM

JAM has been at the forefront of the war against hunger since 1984, when founder, Peter Pretorius, was left stranded in Pambarra, Mozambique. There he witnessed the horrific consequences of starvation with children dying everyday around him. Together with his wife Ann, they resolved to commit their futures to contributing towards the eradication of hunger in Africa.

3 ProgrammesHelping Africa Help Itself

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